During the semester, most students can expect to receive thoughtful and frequent feedback from professors on their coursework. However, as students prepare to turn in the most substantial assignments of the semester, many of them know that they will never see that work again. These hefty end-of-semester assignments are often returned only in the form of a grade on a transcript. While the College has encouraged students to value learning for the experience, not just the grade, this no-return practice seems out of place. A simple letter grade does not provide the same opportunity for learning and growth as assignments returned with professors' comments do.

Of course, students always have the option of individually soliciting graded assignments after the end of the semester. However, we urge professors to take the initiative; returning final assignments should be the rule, not the exception. We understand that submitting grades to the Registrar on time is a top priority for professors, but students deserve to see the progress that they have made over the course of the semester.