Bowdoin's geography makes the end of April an extraordinary time for the campus and its students. While many other campuses around the country have settled comfortably into the new season, Bowdoin students are only now beginning to shed their winter coats for T-shirts and their boots and sneakers for sandals and flip-flops.

As it often does, the advent of warm weather this year coincides with the arrival of Ivies Weekend, Bowdoin's annual end-of-April catharsis. The enthusiasm that results from this confluence of events has been palpable all week, and will culminate this weekend as students enjoy a well-deserved vacation from the pressures of academia to celebrate the real beginning of spring.

Traditionally, Ivies weekend has been fueled by a spirit of indulgence specifically with regard to the consumption of alcohol. As a result, Security has once again stepped up its presence this weekend. While students might feel instinctively bothered by this increased presence, they should not be. While they remain committed to maintaining order on campus, Security does not have any interest in spoiling the festivities for students. In recent years, under the direction of Randy Nichols, Security has taken a mature, accommodating approach to Ivies Weekend, prioritizing preserving safety over taking the opportunity to slap students with frivolous citations.

We hope Security continues to take this approach this Ivies, and we believe they will. At the same time, students must recognize the fact that Security has increased its presence this weekend so the Brunswick Police Department, who is often less sympathetic to the shenanigans of college students, doesn't have to. We hope that the dynamic between students and Security officers this weekend will be characterized by attitudes of mutual respect and accommodation.

The editorial represents the majority view of The Bowdoin Orient's editorial board, which comprises Steve Kolowich, Anne Riley, Nick Day, Adam Kommel, Mary Helen Miller, and Cati Mitchell.