A group of students from the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship has begun offering a Sunday Protestant service in the Chapel. The weekly services are geared toward Protestant students who have not yet found a church to attend in the area, according to Campus Staff Member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Sim Gregory.

Gregory said she has worked closely with students Connie Chi '10, Brian Lockhart '08, Whitney Grass '10 and Lynzie McGregor '09 on the newly created Chapel Steering Committee to plan the weekly gathering.

The service, which lasts approximately an hour, is held at 7:30 p.m. on Sundays.

Gregory said that the weekly service is held in the evening because it is more convenient to students.

"Students suggested the evening hour [to] keep open the option that some may want to attend both their own church services in the morning, as well as the evening services on campus," Gregory wrote in an e-mail to the Orient.