February can be tough. With cold weather and slushy footpaths, no vacations, and accumulating schoolwork, the month can be a drag for many students. While spirits may not be at their highest this time of year on campus, the Dining Service puts in extra effort this month to keep things interesting. With themed dinners like "Just Like Home" and "Chinese New Year," the staff makes every effort spice things up when everything else seems bland.

However, the Dining Service doesn't only work hard in February. Every week, it serves more than 22,000 meals to the Bowdoin community. Given the sheer numbers, it would be understandable if the emphasis were only on filling that giant order, rather than providing a meal the staff would serve their own families. But this is not the case?from making its own pasta to buying local produce, the Dining Service makes the effort to provide healthy, delicious, complex meals for students.

So while we may occasionally complain about the selection of cereals or the long lines at dinnertime, we have much to be grateful for. We have used this space to thank the Dining Service before, but the more we learn, the more our admiration for its hard work and dedication to students grows.

The editorial represents the majority view of The Bowdoin Orient?s editorial board, which comprises Steve Kolowich, Anne Riley, Anna Karass, Adam Kommel, Mary Helen Miller, Joshua Miller, and Cati Mitchell.