Top five desert island albums?

JW: The islands I frequent require six albums to say the least.

The Black Crowes: "The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion."

Blind Melon: "Blind Melon."

The Electric Six: "Señor Smoke."

Pearl Jam: "Ten."

John Frusciante: "Shadows Collide With People."

Jeff Buckley: "Grace."

JB: In that situation I'd probably divide my time between gathering supplies and basic survival.

Theme song on a Monday morning?

JW: "Pont Mirabeau" by The Pogues.

JB: Groans, rasping coughs.

Soundtrack on a Saturday night?

JW: "Boy or Girl" by The Electric Six.

JB: Weeping, some regret.

What's the first album you ever bought?

JW: The Bee Gees: "The Bee Gees Greatest Hits."

JB: My uncle's EP "William Skaspear," because my mom made me.

What's your guilty music pleasure?

JW: The Richard Hall and Stephen Cunningham Symphony Orchestra?

JB: Rubbing steel wool on the New Release CDs before people get to hear them.

What's the best live show you've ever seen?

JW: Black Crowes New Year's Eve 2006. I was in the company of stooges, and we won a great victory for all mankind.

JB: It was a magician, about six years ago.

If you were the dictator of a small country, what would your national anthem be?

JW: If I ruled Mongolia with an iron fist: "Scenic World (version)" by Beirut.

JB: I would probably be promptly assassinated before I accomplished anything.

If you were going into battle, what song would be blasting on your iPod?

JW: "Spoonman," by Soundgarden or Zach Tcheyan's most recent orchestration project?

JB: This question is fundamentally flawed, I don't own an iPod.

Artist/band you banked on making it big and then they broke up:

JW: The Day Jobs, they're still together, but are too dangerous to last.

JB: Please stop asking me questions.

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