Next weekend, the Board of Trustees will meet on campus to discuss next year's budget, and to dedicate two new buildings on campus.

"The one major theme for this weekend is celebratory," said Richard Mersereau, secretary of the College.

East Hall and the new recital hall will both be dedicated on Friday, with major donors present for both.

According to Mersereau, the dedication of Osher Hall is one more step in the upgrade of the residential life facilities, as the two South Street dorms allowed for the upgrade of the traditional bricks.

"In a sense, [we are] celebrating the modernization of the first-year dorms," said Mersereau.

The new recital hall dedication will also occur on Friday, after the Osher Hall dedication. After a formal vote on Friday afternoon, the concert hall will be named after donor John J. Studzinski '78.

Following the dedication remarks, the Eroica Trio will perform.

"Doing two big things like that is terrific," said Mersereau.

However, two events of such importance will make the day very busy.

"It's an unusual flow of events late Friday afternoon with a dedication, reception, recital, and then a dinner," Mersereau said. "It will feel more like dining in New York at 8:30 instead of a normal flow."

In addition to celebrating, the Trustees will also attend to college business matters. They will vote on the budget for the 2007-2008 year, as well as receive updates on Bowdoin's progress with acquiring naval air station land.

Trustees will also be asked to approve renovations for Adams Hall.

"Because they've got the equipment out there to do the two [first-year] saves money and makes a lot of sense to get it done now," said Mersereau of the Adams renovation plans, which if approved, will likely start this summer.

Trustees will also vote to approve a bond issue that would be issued early this summer to help pay for the Adams Hall renovations, as well as the construction of the new ice arena.

The 10th Annual Scholarship Luncheon will allow trustees to interact with students, as all donors of endowed scholarships and students receiving scholarships have been invited.

"It's a wonderful event because both donors and recipients speak," Mersereau said. "What they have to say about why school money is always heartfelt and emotional."