What's the best album ever created?

AC: "Odelay" by Beck, because I have a thing for hipster scientologists.

JR: Some white album by some beetles...

Who is the greatest living musician?

AC: I've been listening to Joanna Newsom a lot lately, and she's pretty good.

JR: Morrissey + Vedder + Dirty Sanchez Folks + Manu Chao + David Gahan +Yorke + DJ Shadow + Ruben "Nru" Albarrán + De La Rocha = greatest living musician.

What is the best show you've ever seen live?

AC: Front row seats to Radiohead in Copenhagen. It was spiritual, and I think Thom Yorke spit on me a little bit.

JR: Probably could have been the one my dear brother failed to invite me to: Manu Chao, VIP passes and front row tickets and all at the Hollywood Bowl this past summer?I'm still bitter. There was also the Radiohead show I was actually at, also at the Hollywood Bowl, that I won tickets to from a local L.A. radio station back in the summer of 2002. Glorious.

What is the first album you ever bought?

AC: Nirvana's "Nevermind." It went downhill after that because I think my next purchase was "Naked and Sacred" by Chynna Phillips.

JR: Does the Forrest Gump soundtrack album count? If not, I must explain that I spent the first several years of my life scavenging music off of the collections of my older bro and sis as well as getting mixed tapes from friends. It was at about the glorious age of 16 that I entered a music store and for the first time bought an album with my own dough. It was "Since I Left You" by The Avalanches. Since then, I've carried on with my old ways and have continued to scavenge music off the souls of others.

What's your music guilty pleasure?

AC: Kelly, Ashlee, and Lindsay, and I know the lyrics to most Coldplay songs.

JR: Never guilty, always pleasure.

If you were dictator of a small country, what would be your national anthem?

AC: Annie's "Chewing Gum" would be the national anthem of my country, while the country I'm at war with will obviously have "Heartbeat" as its anthem.

JR: "The World Is Mine," David Guetta.

If you were onstage with a mic in front of thousands of screaming fans, what would you say?

AC: "Not Mars."

JR: "­Bienvenidos a Tijuana, Cabrones!"

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