What's the best album ever made?

KVS: The Boy Least Likely To, "The Best Party Ever."

Who is the greatest living musician?

KVS: Tom Waits was still alive the last time I checked.

What is the best show you've ever seen live?

KVS: Cocorosie in Amsterdam. It was great to hear them do everything live, without samples. They had this cool French dude beatboxing instead of using a drum machine. They also wore Indian headdresses because they're crazy.

What is the first album you ever bought?

KVS: Gloria Estefan, I think? Or maybe it was an Aruban carnival compilation.

What's your music guilty pleasure?

KVS: Depeche Mode!

If you were dictator of a small country, what would be your national anthem?

KVS: Camera Obscura, "Let's Get Out of This Country."

If you were onstage with a mic in front of thousands of screaming fans, what would you say?

KVS: "Oops, I think that was the wrong door. I was just looking for business."

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