Four first years were caught breaking into Moulton Dining Hall through a steam tunnel they entered from a campus construction site last Friday at 2:30 a.m.

According to Assistant Director of Security Mike Brown, the students "took off running" after stealing "bags of bagels, pastries, Lucky Charms, and knives." Brown said that many of the bagels involved were sesame.

While running toward the Smith Union and Dayton Arena area, two of the students were detained by security officers, according to Brown.The other two were subsequently caught after running into one of the first-year dorms.

All four students made full confessions after being caught. The students were referred to the dean of student affairs.

Director of Security Randy Nichols said security officers had responded to an alarm that was activated by the students. Rodney Gagnon was the primary responding officer, and Brown and Security Officer David DeSchuiteneer were also involved.

He said the tunnels are dangerous since the walls can get very hot, and there is a "great chance" of getting injured.

"We consider it a real serious offense," said Nichols. "It is a safety issue."

Brown said you would have to crawl through some parts of the tunnel, and that they were not made for human use other than for repairs.

He said there has been a history of people breaking into the underground steam tunnels and that this is one of probably 10 or so break-ins to the underground steam tunnels in recent years.

"Last time it happened, it involved some local residents," said Brown.

He suggested that an Orient article on the tunnels earlier this academic year might have been a factor in any upsurge of break-ins to the tunnel.

"We'll be taking steps to secure the entry points to prevent this from happening further," said Nichols.

Brown added that the College will soon be upgrading the system to give them earlier notification if another break-in occurs.