Recently, Colby students protested the administration's decision to cancel Doghead, a raucous celebratory event equivalent to our Ivies Weekend. This decision was understandably upsetting to students and, predictably, there was a backlash against the administration. However, no one could have predicted the magnitude nor the intensity of this backlash, which ultimately caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. Not only was college property maliciously vandalized, but the incident created a sharp division among Colby students.

This sort of disturbance is never warranted, and Bowdoin's Ivies Weekend and weekends in general are rarely marked by anything approaching the level of bedlam seen in Waterville. And while alcohol consumption, even in large amounts, does not necessarily lead to frenzied property damage, such activity is still in the realm of possibility.

The lessons, then, of Colby's ordeal are clear. When choosing to drink, students must continue to do so responsibly, and be conscious of both public and private property. When choosing to clamp down on alcohol use on campus, the College must strike a balance between prudence and allowing students to uphold a rich and storied tradition.