We ought to be saying "thank you" to the important people in our lives every day?but since this does not always happen, from time to time we consider it appropriate to make a special point of showing our appreciation.

Today is Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day at the College. We would like to follow Bowdoin Student Government's lead by offering our thanks to those people who make the Bowdoin experience so special.

Though on the surface Bowdoin may not look very different from other highly selective liberal arts colleges, students know that it is unique. The College has impressive architecture, excellent food, first-rate academic facilities, and distinguished graduates. However, at the end of the day, it is the people of Bowdoin who make this place special.

We would like to list the names of all the people for whom we are thankful, but that list would be far too long for this space. Some students who frequent Thorne Hall for lunch may point to the two staff members named Patty at the grill and entrée lines, both of whom, like so many other dining-service employees, often brighten a grumpy day. Students might point to Eileen Mullins and the other members of the facilities staff who keep our campus in good condition while building bonds with students.

Then there are faculty members like Professor Laurence or Professor Watterson, who make themselves and their vaults of knowledge accessible to students in the dining hall. Or faculty members like Professor MacEachern or Professor Riley, who make teaching students a priority even as they travel the world. Some of us appreciate Randy Nichols' genuine concern for safety, and others are thankful for administrative assistants like Denise Trimmer who are always helpful in making meetings work. There are far too many faculty and staff members for us to fit in this space?what is most important is that students who are thankful for the Bowdoin adults in their lives take the time to say so.

So to all at Bowdoin who share their wisdom, talents, and knowledge about issues ranging from academics to careers to life, please know that we appreciate what you do.

We do not always say it when we should, so we will be sure to say it today: Thank you.

The editorial represents the majority view of The Bowdoin Orient's editorial board. The editorial board is comprised of James D. Baumberger, Drew Fulton, Bobby Guerette, Evan S. Kohn, and Beth Kowitt.