What song, artist, or album changed your life?

AD: Uncle Tupelo (artist), Anodyne (album). I've always liked to rock and I'd tried to hide my country interests. Then I listened to Uncle Tupelo-all twangy, sweet voiced, and singing about whiskey. Instantly, all I wanted to do was drive those 700 flat miles across Kansas over and over again listening to that one album. Moreover, it really got me into alt-country and that's most of what I listen to now.

What's the best concert you've ever seen?

AD: The best show I've seen lately was Medeski, Martin, and Wood at the State Theater back in October. I'd kind of stopped going to them because their stuff was getting all spacy, but this show was high-energy right on all the way through. Lately, I've been lucky enough to see HTH (Hastings-Tobin-Hart) at some underground jam sessions. I wouldn't be surprised if they broke through big in the next couple months.

What have you been listening to lately?

AD: I've been rotating through some Modest Mouse, Neil Young, Beck, Franz Ferdinand, and old Wilco.

Favorite artist?

AD: Tom Waits. Lyrics and storytelling like Dylan with the unique touch of having a voice that sounds like he gargles with battery acid each morning.

Favorite album?

AD: Neil Young, Everyone Knows This is Nowhere. Gritty, gritty rock.

Favorite Beatles song?

AD: Anything by Dylan that they may have tried to cover.

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