On January 13, Brunswick Police Department (BPD) issued a criminal trespass warning barring Vincent Liu, a resident of Brunswick who has no affiliation with the College from campus. Liu was found distributing politically charged fliers containing violent and vulgar language as well as Bowdoin’s logo and address. He has not been on campus since being issued a warning and the Office of Safety and Security does not see Liu as a threat. 

The flier suggested violence as a solution to political issues, such as gun violence and terrorism. It included a polar bear logo, listed an address that seemed to be on the College’s campus and seemed to be from members of the Bowdoin student body. The contents of the letter were not bias-related, and—though disturbing to many—did not imply a direct threat. 

“There was some specific wording that would lead anyone looking at the flier to believe that it was written and approved by Bowdoin students,” said Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols.

Nichols declined to disclose the specific text of the flier.

A Brunswick business called the Office of Safety and Security on January 12 with the impression that a Bowdoin student was passing out fliers downtown, according to Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols. 

After Security received the phone call about the flier distribution, a man matching the description of the individual was caught on security camera footage leaving the same fliers on the David Saul Smith Union information desk. On January 13, a security officer on patrol noticed the individual walking on campus and was able to identify Liu because of the security footage. Security called BPD, who issued Liu the criminal trespass warning.  

“There was no direct threat in any way shape or form to Bowdoin College or any member to the campus or any member of the community of Brunswick,” Nichols said. “Had there been, we obviously would have informed the community of that fact.”