Next week will be the last for Jack’s Juice Bar, due to its struggle to make a profit since opening in fall of 2015. An offshoot of Jack McGee’s Pub & Grill, the juice bar offers fresh-to-order fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies on weekdays, some of which will be available in the Café and the C-Store next semester. 

Although the juice bar had a small regular customer base, student workers said business was typically very slow.

“There’s not a lot of people who came, and they kept doing a lot of renovations to try to make it more profitable,” said Sophie Lemkin ’19, who began working at the juice bar last semester.

Juices and smooties were priced between $3.49 and $4.99, depending on the ingredients. This semester, the juice bar cut back from two employees per shift to one. 

“For a business to exist at this school at all it has to be [that] everyone would want to come there, just because it’s such a small school,” she said. “So we had a number of people who enjoyed the juice bar. If this was at a big school with the same percentage of people who liked juice, it would be a fine business.” 

Lemkin said she will miss the juice bar, although students will still be able to get juice in other places. 

“I don’t think the juice bar closing will really affect the Bowdoin community. It just will affect the 10 employees who worked there,” she said.