Residential Life (ResLife) and Bear in Mind, a club designed to facilitate discussion around mental health, organized the first-ever Put-Yourself-First Week to help students with self-care. 

“This program is intended to remind us of how important it is to take care of ourselves, especially during potentially chaotic times, such as this moment right now with elections going on, diseases spreading around campus and the natural stress that comes with being a Bowdoin student,” said Gina Fickera ’18, Residential Life Assistant and coordinator of the event.

The week’s activities included yoga, tai chi and meditation sessions. A student panel on mental health, originally scheduled for Thursday evening, was postponed until next Thursday, November 17. 

“There wasn’t much of a connection between ResLife and Bear in Mind before this project happened,” said Fickera. “Which just shows how much the different student groups on campus can collaborate to make these things happen.” 

Fickera noted that members of the Counseling Center and the Health Center also helped with planning for the week. 

“We’re exposed to many of the issues that are going on campus, both individually and collectively for some people, so a constant thing that we look out for is to make sure that people are taking care of themselves,” said Fickera. “So it feels nice to be able to extend that to the entire campus rather than just the first years and the programs that you do with them.” 

She added that the week would hopefully teach people the importance of taking time to take care of themselves.

“Self-care is an ongoing process and it should definitely be extended beyond this week,” she said.