The interactive map above highlights housing options for upperclassmen. Hover over a location to see what rooms are available in that building, a list of pro tips and photos of select dorm rooms. Full blueprints of each building are also available. 

Take the Orient's Housing Lottery Quiz.

2016 Lottery dates and 2015 results:

Quints and quads: Tuesday, April 19
     -Stowe Hall quints filled first
     -Chamberlain quads filled second on the 32nd pick
     -Cleaveland St. Apartments filled third between the 38th and 45th picks
     -Coles Tower filled fourth between the 45th and 51st picks
     -Harpswell Apartments filled fifth between the 51st and 56th picks

Chem free: Thursday, April 21
     -52 Harpswell singles filled first between the 1st and 16th picks
     -Smith House filled between the 16th and 33rd picks
     -Howard Hall filled between the 46th and 59th picks

Triples and singles: Monday, April 25 (Triples lottery is first)
     -Cleaveland St. Apartments filled first between the 1st and 11th picks
     -Coles Tower filled second between the 20th and 40th picks

Triples and singles: Monday, April 25 (Singles lottery is second)
     -Chamberlain Hall filled first between the 70th and 96th picks
     -Stowe Inn filled second between the 96th and last picks

Doubles and open rooms: Wednesday, April 27
     -Brunswick Apartments filled first between the 40th and 51st picks
     -West Hall filled second between the 60th and 77th picks
     -Osher Hall filled third between the 77th and 90th picks

All lotteries begin at 6pm in Daggett Lounge. Lottery numbers are emailed and posted outside the ResLife office by 3pm on the day of the lottery.

To get updates during each lottery, follow @BowdoinResLife on Twitter.
For more information about the lottery, go to

Illustration by Anna Hall.