In a town with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state, two major companies announced their plans to hire hundreds of new employees for their Brunswick locations. SaviLinx, a customer service company stationed in Brunswick Landing for the past three years, announced earlier this month that it plans to hire 200 more staff members for its Maine location, nearly tripling their total number of employees. Earlier, the Boston-based online furniture seller, Wayfair, announced its plan to hire 500 full-time employees for its new customer service center in Brunswick at the former Navy Exchange at Brunswick Landing. 

According to an article in the Portland Press Herald, since Brunswick’s employment rate is so low, in order to attract out-of-town workers, employers like SaviLinx and Wayfair must not only offer good pay and benefits but also make extra efforts to connect with potential employees through job fairs. The Maine Department of Labor told the Herald it is further looking into hiring “atypical candidates, such as retirees, new Mainers, disabled people and others” for current and future workplace openings.