Investigations into the break in and sexual assault at Mayflower Apartments, the grabbing of a female student on Potter Street and the numerous reports of suspicious individuals peering into windows, and the grabbing of a female student on Longfellow Ave. are ongoing, according to Director of Safety and Security Randy Nichols. Nichols said that Bowdoin Security has been working closely with the Brunswick Police Department (BPD), and that progress has been made.

“We’re making significant progress,” said Nichols. “We have been interviewing a number of students and those interviews are continuing.”

BPD Commander of Support Services Mark Waltz said that they have put considerable effort into all of the incidents. Neither Waltz nor Nichols were able to comment further because the investigations remain ongoing.

In early December, a person of interest in the break in and sexual assault at Mayflower Apartments was arrested in Bath. Stephen McIntire attended the sexual offender support group that, until recently, met at at the First Parish Church just off the College's campus. Though Waltz did not say where the group has moved to, he confirmed that the group is no longer meeting in Brunswick.


Harry DiPrinzio.

Assaults and incidents involving suspicious people around campus have been happening with some degree of regularity and have increased this year. Above is a visual representation of such incidents collected from Orient Security Reports since the beginning of the 2013 academic year. In addition to a break-in and sexual assault in November and two subsequent incidences of a student being grabbed, there have been numerous reports of peeping into windows and attempts to enter residences. There have been eight reported occurrences of these events since September, 2015.