Dear Editor,

Regarding the September 30 opinion piece entitled “Crisis Pregnancy Centers are not a Legitimate Alternative to Abortion Clinics,” by Julia Mead.

Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine is not a clinic.  Upon registration and completing pregnancy tests, clients sign paperwork indicating that they understand we are not a medical facility.  

We address each client’s unique situation with care and sensitivity.  If she chooses abortion, we offer information and post-care.  If she chooses adoption, we give referrals.  If she chooses parenting, we offer classes and material needs.

I got pregnant at 19 and had a choice to make.  My mother insisted that I choose abortion.  The local pregnancy center tried to coerce me into choosing adoption.  Nobody cared about what I wanted.  Years later, I decided to work with women facing unplanned pregnancies–to give them a safe place to process their OWN feelings and decisions, without coercion or judgment.  Care Net fits that bill–if it didn’t, I wouldn’t work here.

We invite Bowdoin students to visit Care Net.  Our hope is that people on all sides of the political, religious and ideological aisles will begin to build bridges, figure out where we DO agree and go from there.

Best wishes,

Paulla Estes

Director of Communications

Care Net of Mid-Coast Maine