To the Editor:

On October 1, faculty, staff and students from across the campus came together for an extraordinary day of learning and dialogue.  It wouldn’t have happened without a tremendous amount of work from many, many people.  You set up chairs, tables and microphones, organized equipment, reserved rooms and printed posters.  You moderated panels, gave presentations, tabled at the expo and taught classes. You rescheduled team practices and adjusted syllabi.  Most importantly, many, many of you attended some part of the day, encouraged others to attend, learned from each other and engaged in thoughtful and challenging conversations.

As members of the group who’ve worked since last November to make the Teach-In happen, we’ve always known that broad participation was essential.  The widespread engagement of the campus was gratifying and gave us hope for ways forward.  To all who lent their energy, time and intellect for the day, and to those who accepted this event even if you didn’t feel it was the best way to proceed:  Thank you!


Amina Ben Ismail

Brianna Cardwell

Carl Boisrond

Caroline Martinez

Catalina Gallagher

Diamond Walker

Dillon Sandhu

Hadley Horch

Heather Witzel Lakin

Kelsey Freeman

Madeleine Msall

Maria Kennedy

Mark Battle

Mary Hunter

Nadia Celis

Roy Partridge