Students of Bowdoin,
In the past few weeks, we received over 1,300 orders from Bowdoin students. With an average of more than four books per order, we were the first choice for most of you. Last week, this newspaper published a story critical of Chegg’s pricing and service and has given us 200 words to reply: go. 

We take student feedback seriously. If your experience did not meet our standards for perfection, we will make it right. Soon, all Bowdoin customers will receive a survey by email. Please fill it out; your input will shape how we serve you next semester.
Like Amazon, our prices will fluctuate based on inventory levels. We ensure that we have ample inventory and competitive pricing during back-to-school season because you decide from where to order your books. 1,300 of you would not have chosen Chegg if we were not competitive on price. 

It is a privilege to serve you and an honor that so many Bowdoin students choose Chegg. We are working overtime, every day, to create a delightful experience for all of you—and millions of students like you across the country.

John Fillmore
Vice President of Required Materials