What is your show called?
Spunky Rebkah. I forgot to fill in the name of my show online this semester, and in the show description I wrote that I was spunky, so the radio station wrote my show name on the calendar as Spunky Rebkah. 

When did you first get involved with WBOR and why?
First semester—I saw the posters and got excited because music has always been a large part of my life and I thought it was really exciting to be able to be on the radio and have control for a whole hour and play whatever I want. 

Did you have any radio experience before Bowdoin?
No, but if we had get-togethers with my friends I was always the first one to volunteer to make a playlist.

What type of music do you play on your show?
I play everything. I change the genre or category every week. For example, a few weeks ago I did Valentine’s Week, which included all types of love songs. Sometimes I just figure it out while I’m there too.

What is your favorite type of music?
Slow, chill rap and fun, upbeat indie rock. My favorite artists are Death Cab for Cutie, J. Cole, Drake, Local Natives and The Supremes.

What has been your favorite concert experience?
My first concert was Coldplay, and I randomly discovered them on my own. They came to Pittsburgh when I was in eighth grade. I dragged my parents and best friend who never really liked them, and it was really fun and exciting. We played Coldplay the entire way there and back. 

What else are you  involved with on campus?
I am a member of the African American Society. I work for the Women’s Resource Center, and I am a member of Obvious as well. 

What is your major?
Gender and women’s studies and I am also pre-med. 

What has been your favorite class so far?
I took Music and Everyday Life with [Assistant Professor of Music] Tracy McMullen. It was a great interdisciplinary class and I felt like I learned something every day that applied to my life. It was a cultural learning experience, and Professor McMullen is really exciting and engaging. 

What is the best music to study to?
It depends on my mood, but mostly chill, slow rap or upbeat dance songs because they keep me in a good mood while I’m doing chemistry homework.

What about the best music to shower to?
Definitely belting songs like Mariah Carey or Pussycat Dolls—girl power women’s groups for sure.

What do you think people are doing when listening to your show?
Mostly my parents or brothers are listening—probably when they are driving in the car or doing homework. Hopefully people are singing along.

Why do you want Bowdoin students to listen to your show?
Because I am spunky and I change it up every week, so if you don’t like it one week, you might really love it the next week. I will keep your interest and I am super open to requests as well. 

What is your overall goal for  having a radio show?
For me, to take some time to appreciate music and to look for new music. When I was in middle school and had a lot of time on my hands I spent a lot of time exploring new music and artists, and now that my life is so busy I don’t take enough time to do that. It’s very relaxing and exciting for me to prepare a new show. Also, my goal is to show people new music and share it all.

Anything else you would like your listeners to know?
I’m really open to suggestions and I love when people show me new music, so feel free to approach me. 

Tune in to Spunky Rebkah every Wednesday from 4-5 p.m. on WBOR 91.1 FM or stream the show online at wbor.org. To suggest a DJ for DJ of the Week, email Arts & Entertainment Editor Emily Weyrauch at eweyrauc@bowdoin.edu.