What song, artist, or album got you into music?

CL: New Kids on the Block. The Zack Attack made me want to play guitar. Then it was the mid-90s staples: Bush, Nirvana, Dave Matthews Band, Gin Blossoms, and especially Oasis.

ML: When I was growing up, watching MTV was looked-down upon in my home, so whenever I went over to my friend Phil's house in sixth grade, we would watch MTV and listen to all of his cool CDs: Nevermind, Dookie, Superunknown, Ten... all of those landmark albums of the early 90s. It was the first time that my musical taste started to develop independent of my parents' approval, so I would have to say it was the whole "alternative" movement, but Nevermind in particular.

What's the best concert you've ever seen?

CL: Toss-up between Jump, Little Children with Dragstrip Courage in Boston '01, and Wilco with Califone in Portland '02.

ML: Probably Wilco and Califone at the State Theater last year, because I had loved Wilco for so long and it was amazing to finally see them in concert. I had never heard Califone before but they blew me away and are now one of my favorite bands.

What have you been listening to lately?

CL: Gram Parsons, Springsteen's Nebraska, and Diablo's record.

ML: I've been really getting into indie-electro-pop (Stereolab) and IDM (I Am Robot and Proud), but I also love very stripped-down stuff like Iron & Wine. Yet, whenever I'm in the car I find myself tuning in to 95.9: I don't know what it is, but I just get so excited when I hear "Tipsy" or Kanye West.

Favorite artist?

CL: The Smiths (R.E.M., Wilco in close second).

ML: This is a tough one, because it changes just about every day. I'll have to say, all things considered, either Nick Drake or Wilco.

Favorite album?

CL: The Smiths, The Queen is Dead.

ML: See above dilemma... I'll go with Nick Drake's Pink Moon: it just evokes such a perfectly beautiful melancholy and I don't think I'll ever not feel like listening to it.

Favorite Beatles song?

CL: "She Said She Said" (Ringo's finest hour).

ML: Chris will be so disappointed in me, but my favorite Beatles song, hands down, is "Tomorrow Never Knows." Decades ahead of its time.